Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal certainly seems like the answer to all unwanted hair problems, but watch out - it is not for everyone, and it may not be right for you. Educate yourself before you decide to have laser hair removal performed on you.
Is laser hair removal right for me?
You need to satisfy certain requirements to become a good candidate for laser hair removal. First, your hair must be darker than your skin. But you cannot be too dark, either, because you will tend to absorb too much laser energy (which is harmful). Are you tanned but have light hair? You probably cannot undergo laser hair removal. If you are tanned but have dark hair, dermatologists advise that you wait until your tan fades before undergoing the treatment.
Can I afford laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments. Expect to pay over $2,000 in total for most common areas. Bigger laser hair removal centers usually charge about $500 per session. You usually have to come back for four sessions. If you need treatment in larger areas such as your entire back or all of your legs, expect to pay more. Go to laser treatment salons and compare prices before signing up.
When shopping for a hair removal center, seek the highest quality rather than lowest cost. Remember that laser hair removal is a medical treatment, so you should take it seriously and not scrimp on it. Most established laser hair removal centers with excellent reputations are a bit expensive, but they will more likely be able to provide you with individual attention, better facilities, and an experienced and highly-trained professional staff.
If I undergo laser hair removal, will all my unwanted hair disappear and never come back?
It is impossible to predict the exact results of laser hair removal, as they vary from patient to patient. Different people require different numbers of sessions and intensities. Established laser hair removal clinics usually do not guarantee results but do their best to help you achieve the best possible results.